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Dionísio Carreiro Almeida Lda,Mitsubishi Range


Mitsubishi Range

At Dionísio Carreiro de Almeida, Lda. You’ll have the opportunity to take a close look at the entire Mitsubishi range, Light Passenger and Commercial Vehicles, this checking our vehicles' excellent manufacturing quality.
We have an experienced team of salespersons that can help you find the most appropriate vehicle for your needs. Take advantage of the excellent financing solutions we have to offer you.

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Light Passenger Vehicles



Welcome to the innovative Plug-in electric hybrid transmission technology. Feel the eco-friendly driving fun. The assisted electric driving and the PHEV system, which always looks for the best combination between driving modes and conditions, ensure very low fuel consumption levels. It has two charging modes: normal and fast. In the Normal Charging Mode (230V / 10A) it takes 5 hours for your vehicle to be fully charged. In the Fast Charging Mode, 30 minutes are enough to reach 80% of the vehicle's full charge.

100% Electric

Since 1966, one of our main goals has been the research and development of fully electric vehicles. Now you can discover the i-MIEV, one step ahead in technology. Fully electric and with no C02 emissions, the i-MIEV is fun to drive and environmentally clean. This is our vision for a green and sustainable future - get ready to start charging the next 100 years